Artistic Style

I paint in two styles, often combining both in the same portrait – pricing varies depending on the style, size and complexity of your portrait. Rendering a picture in a style that best suits the subject is a key part of the early discussion with the artist.


Looser, strong colors, with visible brushwork, sometimes heavier paint application in brushwork in selected areas of the painting to emphasize texture or feature.

Classical Realism

Tighter drawing details, a more modeled paint application, brushwork isn’t as pronounced. Classical Realism is firmly rooted in the basic artistic principles embodied within the European academic and American impressionist traditions. Click here for more info about my painting process.

Part of the style decision comes from the personality of the sitter, the memories of the relative or pet, or the atmosphere and composition of the painting itself. As noted earlier, there are two principal styles in which I paint, which allows a broad range of flexibility in achieving the desired image – Classical Realism and Impressionism. But also, depending upon the discussions and decisions made with the client, there is often a combination of both styles in one painting.