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Sketches from Caribbean

Here are a few watercolor sketches I did on our recent trip to Puerto Rico and the West Indies.

StKitts watercolor sketch StKitts watercolor sketch St Johns watercolor sketch Puerto Rico watercolor sketch


Art Sketch Journal – Italy Trip

Hi Everyone,

I recently took a trip to Italy with my dear friend Bonnie and for the first time while traveling, brought my watercolor sketch kit and journal along.

What great fun to sit, relax and sketch.  After much walking, it feels good to immerse oneself in the energy of the moment without moving. I remember the details of the place when I sketch it.

CLICK HERE to see my sketching in Italy photos

Campo sketch

Campo sketch


Portrait of a Young Woman

Hi Everyone –

Had some questions about the process I played with for this painting of a young woman so I’m posting progression photos – this painting experiment was fun but in no way would I say this is archival.
Painted on paper with 2 layers of fixative. Creating was FUN, just working without much plan, letting things develop as I went along. Slathering the paint on with a knife and then sculpting into it with a brush…

My spirit may be freeing up!


Finished painting


Piling on paint with palette knife


Blocked in


Charcoal sketch on paper. Acrylics for black and orange. You can see how my charcoal drawing smeared … reclaimed the drawing using paint up until the end.



Landscape Painting in Taos

Last week was spent in Taos, NM painting outdoors. What a different and challenging experience for me, as I work exclusively from life in the studio. The “doing” really freed me up and although the heat sapped my energy, at the end of the day, I was fulfilled by the activity of painting pictures so quickly. The group was totally fun and supportive – wonderful artists who were able to enjoy one another’s company in every scenario.

Here are a few of the 3 hour sketches we did on location: