Commissioned Portraits in Oil & Angel Paintings

Portrait Commissions in Oil

I am a classically trained portrait artist, working mostly in oils, and in charcoal when requested.  My goal is that you feel totally satisfied with the portrait commission experience overall, and of course, with your painting. My work is based on “word of mouth” referrals so client satisfaction is my top priority. Custom design and size pricing varies depending on your preferences. Prices increase based on the number of subjects, props, background and size. I can give you an exact price after we discuss your wishes and your budget. Please, feel free to email me if you have questions about commissioning a portrait.

Paintings of Angels

There are plenty of Angels on this earth even if we can’t see their wings! Ultimately, I am creating a new body of work along this line and plan to open an online store, so if you SUBSCRIBE to my email list I can let you know when I’m open for business!

Additionally, If you are interested in reading my story that nudged me into painting more Angels, please visit:

Visit Activate Living

“An Artist’s Journey Into ALS and Beyond. The Power of Love, Grief, Faith, Courage, Art & Positivity. Living & Loving Again. Art Helps Heal.”


People Portraits

Pet Portraits

Angel of Faith, by K. Maniscalco

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