Commissioned Portrait of Maia (La Princesa)

In October 2012 this portrait was exhibited at the Portrait Society of America “Facing the Muse” show in Albuquerque, NM.

Maia, a darling girl, always smiling and friendly.  At the time of the sitting for this portrait, she had a huge collection of lip glosses in her purse which she showed me and let me smell.  She really is a little princess.

“Portrait of Maia” (La Princesa) is 14×18 inches, oil on linen.

Child Vignette Portrait


Portrait of a Tabby Cat, “Snickers”

Like so many other pet lovers, we think our kitty is one of the sweetest girls around!  So this year I decided to paint a portrait of our Snickers. She’s getting older now so when I found this photo, I thought it would be a fantastic reference. (see reference photo below)

Snic, Tabby Cat

Reference photo

“Portrait of a Red Poodle Puppy”

“Portrait of a Red Poodle Puppy”

Here’s a little painting of my studio mate when he was just a puppy.  Hard to believe  Copper is almost 11 months old now.  We can’t imagine life without him. He didn’t enjoy being the model in this somewhat “imaginative pose”.  He especially didn’t want to wear the hat or hold the brushes!

“My Studio Mate, Copper” is 11 x 14 inches, oil on panel. 

Please feel free to inquire about commissioning your pet’s portrait. I am happy to chat with you about your ideas and can make suggestions depending on your requirements and budget.  Fees start at $595 for an 11 x 14 inch oil on canvas panel.

Reference photograph

Red Standard Poodle Puppy & Studio Mate





Self Portrait

This study in oil (on panel) was initially created so I could finish another portrait from long ago when I was in school. Our skin coloring is similar.
It was a comedy at times because I wore this goofy grin and had to keep putting on and taking off my glasses. Also lighting, as in any painting, was really important and in the beginning light was reflecting off the mirror right into my eyes which I didn’t notice until really getting down to the business of painting. You’d think I had learned by now. So, I rearranged the easel and mirror and painted over what was already there.
It was really interesting to do – kinda, sort of, haha!

Alla Prima Self portrait study

Angel of Faith, by K. Maniscalco

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