Copper came home with us on Sunday when he was 10 weeks old!  Copper comes from a fine home of drop-dead gorgeous RED standard poodles.  Already, he is so smart and has found his way around the house, the yard and … Snickers, our cat. They aren’t best friends (yet) but they do respect one another’s territory.

Copper gets his studio tour this week and he has his own playpen in there. I will let him up on the loveseat, because I feel he will make a great model in the future. A poodle in repose.

So no painting this week, it’s all about the puppy. Probably no painting next week either, hehe…   It’s great having him join our family.  Stay tuned for more “Copper” news in the near future.

Going to work in the studio.


Hello, I’m Copper.

Beautiful face – those eyes will charm you!

I like gnawing on carrots.