Pictures from my Sketchbook. Art is a Universal Language.

Here are some of my sketches created using pencil, ink and watercolor paints. I enjoy connecting with places I visit by sketching; I can really remember the place (the smells, sights, energies) much more than had I not sketched.

People seem to love catching a glimpse of a sketch in progress. Almost anywhere I work, the curious come up, perfect strangers of all ages and nationalities, to catch a glimpse of a little artwork in the making. While sketching on a cruise ship at an outdoor dining table, a woman and her husband seated a few seats down from me would periodically smile with their eyes at me, acknowledging my work but careful not to seem intrusive. Their first language was Spanish which I am not at all fluent in so I simply smiled back. When I was done, I showed them the completed sketch. With a big smile on her face, the lady stood up, took another look and said to me, “God bless your hand.” She then put her hand on mine. So sweet. Made my day.

Art is a Universal Language.


Angel of Faith, by K. Maniscalco

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